Sound Check 2

Sound Check 2

Sound Check 2
Electronic Design

Our company was founded in 1979. Since that time we are working in the audio business developing singele products und complete systems for

  • Sound Recording Studios
  • Theaters and Concert Halls
  • Audio-Installationsunternehmen
  • PA-Hires Firmen
  • Musicians
  • Universities, etc., etc.

In the early 80s - together with some innovativ musicians - we started with the development of revolutionary sound products, some of them decorated with awards by well-known institutions like the Ars Electronica.
Within the years we had the chance to expand our business to the USA and Great Britain working for important companies (e.g. Sabine Inc., Cliff USA, Thomastik-Infeld, Tomatis, etc.) and we did special electronic designs for Alan Parsons, Nancy Luca and other famous artists.

In the 38 years of our existence we did thousands of developments in our field... So ask for your requirements!